Operation Phillip

Divine International Evangelistic Ministry

Operation Phillip- Acts 8:35-37

Dear brothers & sisters in the Lord;

We would like to introduce you to  Operation Phillip; a program designed to meet humanity’s spiritual needs through witnessing and preaching the good News (the gospel) of our lord & savior Jesus Christ to all men.   It is our prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ will richly bless, shower you with His love, and keep you in every possible way in your life.


Christian Education, family ministry, stewardship, mission outreach ministries, evangelism & church planting, adult & youth ministries, counseling ministries, and  partnerships with those who share the same faith and know the value of the great commission.


EDITING: To edit 40 plus books written in Amharic on many different topics for distribution among the 12 (centers) Regions of Ethiopia for the purpose of equipping and building the leaders of local churches.

TRANSLATION: The books will be translated into the following languages: Arabic, French, Oromiffa, Tigrigna, and Somali.

TRAINING:   For our project in Ethiopia, we will call 8 people from each of the 12 regions, for a total of 96 leaders; and we will train them for a month to fulfill Operation Phillip-Acts 8:35-37.

We will also train 33,000 church leaders in the following countries:  Bahrain, Central Africa, Djibouti, Dubai, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, Qatar, Sudan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and others by the grace of God.

We are preparing to reach out to the 95 Million people of Ethiopia, and those that live in east Africa and the Middel East through many avenues. Therefore, we are asking you please to pray for us to share the gosple of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world. We thank you all in advance for your prayers and financial support.  May the Lord bless you & yours in the name of  our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.