Vision & Goals


1.     We envision our ministry through Biblical leadership training and counseling to equip God’s people for Christian ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ.  This ministry will be a road to those who accept the privilege and responsibility to take up the cross and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

2.     To promote Youth Ministries in Ethiopia- to build their lives by providing Biblical training, leadership, counseling, and much more.

3.     To establish an association and fellowship between churches, ministers, and Christian workers who are engaged in the field of ministry with a common belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

4.     To transmit and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through pamphlets, Bibles, books, and other resources.

5.     To carry out national and international conferences and evangelistic crusades.

6.     To support orphanages and homeless centers with finances and spiritual training both here and abroad.

7.     To support local and international evangelists, ministers, and Christian workers as needed.

8.     To provide Biblical training to pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers to be blessed and sent out to spread the word of God.

9.     To engage in church planting and ongoing sponsoring to fulfill the objective and statement of faith of this ministry by the grace of God.