Pastor Gabriel Bainesai, D.Min.

On behalf of the board of Divine International Evangelistic Ministry (DIEM), I invite you to join us to reach out to the world by the saving gospel of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Our goal is to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of ministries that are critically important to the church of Jesus Christ in our generation.  The purpose of Divine International Evangelistic Ministry is to glorify God by:

  • Developing godly men & women.

  • Reproducing leaders & churches in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the rest of the world.

  • Training christian leaders and workers to become spiritually mature and grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

  • Serving the Lord Jesus Christ around the world.

  • We believe that we have the resources and the experiences by the grace of God to equip the leaders of the church with quality Biblical Leadership education through the fullness & guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.

    We can prepare them to properly present the word of God to the world. Our ministry brings the seminary classroom and workshop setting to the local church. This provides the means for the local church to train those who are called by God to be in full or part time ministry. Seek, Reach – Teach- Train- Send.

    EQUIPPING leaders of the church by: EDUCATION, DIRECTION, PROTECTION, WILLINGNESS TO SERVE, and RECOGNIZING- New elders or missionaries in the church- 1 Tim. 4:14

    1. Evangelism- Reach,Teach, Train, send, and Developing Leaders.

    Love & serve your people & Serve & work for those who working for you?