Welcome to Divine International Evangelistic Ministry (DIEM).  this simple website is dedicated to the body of Christ as a seed of His word sown freely to bring forth a harvest of righteousness, pleasing unto the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our dedication is to “equip leaders globally today” for the glory of God.

It is an honor to serve you all with a servant’s heart; DIEM is committed to giving you quality biblical leadership education. You will also learn about our mission and objectives for you as a Christian, as well as leaders of the local church.   Each of us is committed to giving the best of ourselves through our respective God-given calling that is exemplified corporately in our mission statement:

DIEM exists to develop servant-leaders for the home, the church and the world through excellence in biblically integrated training and counseling through life change in a personal environment, all for the glory of God.  Our call is to prepare men and women of God to fulfill their unique call and ministry of the great commission, and to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

Our teams have the anointing of God plus life experience of serving many people around the world through prayer, teaching, and preaching the unchangeable word of God while caring about you as a child of God.
It is Dr. Gabriel’s utmost desire to carry the word of God to all nations of the world to make Disciples, and to EQUIP LEADERS GLOBALLY TODAY” through EDUCATION, DIRECTION, PROTECTION FOR the leaders of the local Churches into the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ the Good News to the ends of the World!

Dr. Gabriel is a National and International Evangelist Public Speaker, Coach, Mentor, licensed counselor, and writer. He has written 50 plus books in Amharic the Ethiopian National Language (for Biblical & theological leadership Training which he will help to those who don’t have Biblical training and resources for the glory of God).

Dr. Bainesai is a charismatic, joyful, and spirit-filled teacher. The moment he enters the room, the joy of the Lord fills the air, as he radiates with God’s presence. Moreover, he is a gifted communicator that will keep the audience’s attention from the beginning until the end of the message.

We are committed to the full restoration of the church (the body of Christ) through the release of the five-fold ministry gifts of Apostle, Evangelist, Pastor, Prophet, and Teacher.

We are a 501 ( C ) 3, Religious Non-Prophet Organization